5 Sheet Wonder

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    What you'll receive with this 5 sheet wonder tutorial:
  • 5 templates for 8 1/2 X 11" card stock.
  • Step by step directions for multiple versions/sets of cards
  • Detailed supplies lists.
  • Multiple photos of the cards.
  • Gift card ideas - 3 of the 10 cards have optional gift card inserts inside.

I love making one sheet wonder cards, especially with my extra templates for layering. Many of you have used and liked my 4 Sheet Wonder and I know you'll really love this one!

Some of you might ask "What is a 5 sheet wonder?" Well it's actually 5 templates I've created enabling you to create 10 beautiful cards without measuring or guessing at sizes. Just print the templates out on card stock and cut on the dotted lines!

Unable to print on your card stock?  You can either print on copy paper and ask a office store to print them for you or use the measurements to cut out your card stock. 

The first and main template is for a sheet of card stock that you stamp on, basically creating your own 'patterned' paper only you get to pick your colors and stamps. You will print out the template on white card stock first and stamp on the opposite side. Then you just cut on the printed lines giving you pre-measured pieces for your 10 cards.

Then the following 4 templates are printed onto colored card stock. They are the layered pieces you'll use to finish the cards! No measuring!!!

If you cannot run card stock through your printer you do have another option. Print out the templates on copy paper and take them and the card stock to your local office or copy store to print them for you.

This template and tutorial is so versatile it works easily with a variety of stamp sets or colors you want to use.